The foodeshow is a virtual boutique food show designed to foster unique opportunities and authentic connections for businesses from over 50 countries. The foodeshow is led by its co-founders, Jalal Benbrahim and Heuda Guessous, to tackle the challenges and needs of organizations operating in the food business.

Early on, Jalal and Heuda have met in an event organized in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 2017. They have discussed potential collaborations between their companies, Wink Consulting, and Greativa Consulting Group. Their vision has been about changing the way people did business. The idea has been placed in the back burner until the opportunity presented itself in 2019. Since then, they engaged in multiple successful projects in Morocco and abroad.

Suddenly, the Covid-19 pandemic hit, disrupting international supply chains and radically changing consumer and business behavior. Spring and summer trade shows have been canceled or postponed. It instinctively led them to think differently. Creating a virtual event was evident. The challenge was to bring it to an international level.

To put it simply: we want to use digital and artificial intelligence to create value and provide an answer to a global market in crisis. We have joined efforts, using their 20 years experience, expertise, and deep understanding of the industry’s ins and outs, to spark a movement that defies borders, local markets and build an international community. Ourvision is to create a global platform to connect businesses in the food industry ecosystem, with an international team and a proven technology.

The foodeshow is not only an answer to the current crisis. It addresses small and innovative businesses that do not have the means to travel everywhere to attend renowned trade shows. It is common knowledge that market access requires allocating substantial budgets and human resources for lead generation. When they can afford it, overcoming the long waiting lists and limited physical spaces aren’ t easy.

The foodeshow is a commitment to democratizing market access to all companies no matter what their size is. Its goal is to provide you with the best positive return on investment for lead generation, learning events, and brand engagement.

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