What can I do if I don't get a login email?
No need to panic! You should take a look at your spam folder first. 
If you can’t find it there is a chance that you might have misspelled your email address. Please check and contact us at (insert contact). 
Sometimes, your server might have blocked all communications originating from our email address. 
To remedy the problem, a link will be sent so you log in manually. 
If your whole team comes across the same problem, we would advise you to contact your IT department. They can allow communications by authorizing (insert contact). 
Problem solved 😉!
Why does the platform reject my email? 
This problem could happen for many reasons:
1- Verify that the email address you entered is the same used during registration.
2- If you are using the right email address, a mistake was probably made in registration. Please reach out to Info@thefoodeshow.com so that we can verify it for you. 

For registration, an email address can only be used once. If the same email address is used to register several people to the same event, you might need to contact Info@thefoodeshow.com  to change it. 

How can I manage my exhibitor center?
You can use the menu sidebar to manage different sections of your exhibitor center. It appears on your left side of the screen. 
=> When you log in, you first see the Home page. 
=> You will spot red dots for any pending notifications. Be quick to check them out? 
Home page: shows the welcoming message and few statistics about your organization. 
Company profile: you will be able to view and edit your company’s information. 
Meetings: meeting requests sent to your company will appear on this page. You can manage them according to your calendar and your priorities. 
Contacts: your team can access and export contact information made before, during, and after the event. 

How can I access my exhibitor center? 
There are two ways to access the exhibitor center when you connect to the platform:
1- Using the Web App. 
At the top right of the screen, scroll through the drop-down menu next to your name. You can access your company’s area by clicking on the “Exhibitor center” section. 

2- Using the Mobile App: 
Click on the “Exhibitor Center” that is located on the “Profile” tab of the application. 


How can I assign a meeting to a team member? 
Your Exhibitor Center contains a “Meetings” section. You simply select the meeting of your choice and type in the first letters of your collaborator in the field “Please assign a member to this meeting” and then select “Accept”. 

Where can I access my meetings?
All your company meetings are centralized in your exhibitor center. 

The “meetings” section can be organized into four categories :
1. Invitation: meeting requests that need your reply.
2. Confirmed: meeting requests that you accepted.
3. Waiting: the meeting request that your team has sent and still pending approval. 
4. Canceled: meeting canceled.
5. Declined: meeting requests that have been declined. 

How can I manage my availabilities? 
You can access your pending and confirmed meetings by selecting the “Meetings” tab under the “My visit" button. 
To cancel a meeting or a meeting request, you can either click on “Cancel meeting request” or "Cancel meeting”. 
You can set your availabilities in this tab. 
When you select the “Make unavailable” button, those meeting slots are no longer in a display for the participants. Consequently, Meeting requests can not be sent on these slots. 
You can change that by clicking on “Make available”. 
Unavailable slots in your calendar are grayed. 

How can I reply to a meeting request? 
Participants can send a meeting request to exhibitors. 
You can access all requests in the “Meetings” tab of your “Exhibitor Area”. 
You have three options available: 

- Accept the meeting request
- Accept and assign the meeting to a team member
- Decline the meeting request 

How can I edit a meeting request? 
Once you send a meeting request, you cannot modify the details of the meeting (e.g., the date or time). Instead, you need to cancel the request and send a new one. 
From your exhibitor center, however, you can reassign meetings to different team members.  
By clicking on the name of the person, you can easily enter the new name. 

How can I request a meeting? 
To request a meeting, you have to: 
1- Visit the list of participants and select the profile that matches your requirements: (Screenshots)
2- Select one of the meeting slots available on their profile or check “see more slots” for more option: 
3- You then need to decide on a meeting location before writing a message to the person you want to meet. 
    Once you settle all the meeting details, you can send the meeting request by clicking on the arrow (at the top right). 

How can I export my meetings?
All the details regarding your meetings can be accessed on the “Meetings” tab.
You can save them to an Excel file on your devices by clicking on the “Export meetings” button. 

No meeting slots available, what can I do?
If you cannot book a meeting, you follow these tips:
You can check your meeting slots by going to the “Meetings” tab.
Think about canceling old pending requests that you deem unimportant. This will help clear some meeting slots. Your calendar might be blocked otherwise.

You can also check your event package for any restrictions. 

Who is eligible for a VIB program?
The VIB program is open to exhibitors only. To participate in the program, you need to register in advance.

How does a VIB program work? 
The VIB program is carefully designed to help you meet Very Important Buyers selected by our team. The process goes as follow: 

1- We Evaluate your needs (the target markets, type of buyers…).
2- We put together a list of potential leads meeting your requirements.
3- Matchmaking process begin.
4- Meetings set, our team will organize and monitor the meeting schedule and location. You concentrate on negotiation and making deals. 

How can I add products to my company profile? 
All your products and services are showcased in the “Products” feature available in your Exhibitor Center. 
You can use the following steps to add more items to your company profile: 

1- Access your “Exhibitor Center” from your Web or Mobile App. 
2- In the left side menu, you need to select your “Company Profile”.
3- A list of product categories appear below “Documents”. Select the category of your choice and add the necessary information. 
4- Click on the “Add” button available at the top right of your screen in order to add new products.
5- You can validate once you enter the product’s name and the description.  
    The product editing window appears so you can add more details: photos, a link, a subcategory, a brand,…. 
You can see all your products on the company profile and on the “Products” section of the App. 
To get an advantage on the other exhibitors, it is highly important that you give as many details as possible regarding your products and services. Indeed, it will get your products at the top of the list.

How can I make changes to my company profile?
It is quite straightforward to edit your company profile. 

1- Visit your "Exhibitor Center” from your mobile or web App. 
2- Select your "Company profile" on the left side menu
3- Next to the section of your choice, add or change any details using the “Edit” button.  

What does a company profile contain?
All the company’s information that is visible to all attendees can be found in the company profile. It includes: 
1- A company or organization name
2 - A logo
3- A description
4- A type of company
5- Social networks
6- A website link
7- An email address
8- One or more links
9- One or more documents (optional)
10- One or more products (optional)
11- The profile displays your team members and the program sessions you sponsored.  

How can I attach documents to the company profile? 
It is very simple: 

1- Access “Company Profile” > “Documents” section (Exhibitor Center).
2- Select “Add Documents” (on the right of your screen)
3- Import a file from your computer by clicking on the cloud or Paste the file link in the field. 

Manage my team

I am an active member of different teams: How can I navigate different exhibitor spaces?
All the exhibiting entities that you belong to will be visible on your exhibitor center. 
On the home page, you can easily choose the exhibitor space that you want. 
To switch from one team to another, click on the name of the event and choose the team of your choice.

How can I manage the visibility of my profile?
On your company’s file, you can hide or show your profile.  
Your profile status can be managed by following the steps below: 
Exhibitor center > “Your team” tab > click on the pen opposite your profile >check or uncheck the “show profile” button. 

Best practices to increase my ROI

Before the event:

How can I choose the attendees that I should contact? 
The application offers many tools to assist you in finding the right matches: 
1- Thanks to Artificial intelligence, the app will feature the top 5 most relevant attendees on the top of the list.
2- We set up filters that you can use to narrow down the list of attendees. 
3- Choose a session that is related to your field of expertise. You can then use the list of registrants as a potential contact list. These leads might be      worth following-up. 

How can I efficiently prepare for my event? 
The event is not a matter of improvisation but requires a great deal of preparation. Preparing the visit can be initiated several weeks before the event. Our application will smooth the process and helps you make the most out of your visit. We will offer you a few tips and tricks to properly organize your visit: 
1- Read carefully the tips and tricks explained in the FAQ section. 
2- Before meetings, you need to study the visitors’ list and target potential leads available on the application. 
You can also engage with people of interest through messages before your actual meeting.  
3- Once you identify your targets, you need to send meeting requests before their slots are booked. “My visit” section will help you manage your availabilities.   
4- Don’t forget to download the mobile application that will help you monitor your account. 
Once you push the notifications button you will receive alerts of new messages and meeting requests. 
5- We highly recommend training your team on how to use the application and its features. 
They should be able to perform certain tasks in preparation for the event. (scanning badges, editing contact sheets, adding scores, tags, and comments). Besides, your post-event follow-up is easy once you build a keywords list before the D-Day. 

6- Time management is crucial. The confirmed meetings need to be assigned to different team members before the event. You need to regularly reply to the meeting requests to manage your availabilities. Remember that unanswered meeting requests will block your meeting slots. Be always alert! You don’t want you to pass up any opportunity.

Can I enhance the relevance of the recommended profile?
Artificial Intelligence can be more effective using the following tips:
1- Your profile should contain as much information as possible to improve the algorithm’s matchmaking accuracy. Take your time building your profile with as many details as possible.
2- Use relevant search criteria such as the food sector, the country, the category focus, the sales channels, the areas of expertise…. 

What can I do to increase my visibility?
Few tips can be applied to help you stand out, increase your chances of being contacted, and boost your ROI: 

1- The company profile need to be as thorough as possible (e.g., logo, description, filters, social networks, website, team members).
2- Team member’s profiles need to be completed with relevant information.
3- Think about sponsoring a session to increase your brand visibility. Feel free to contact us (insert email) to discuss the details. 
4- Spread the message about your participation in the event through all your communication Platforms to boost engagement and brand visibility. 
Let everyone know that you are exhibiting! 😉 

During the event:

What type of statistics gathered about my company? 
The “Statistics of your company” section summarizes key information regarding your participation 
Everything you need to know about your participation in the event can be found in the section “Statistics of your company” (Exhibitor Center > "Statistics of your company”)
1- Number of views of your profile: you will know how many times the attendees have visited your profile.
2- Number of attendees that bookmarked your profile.
3- Number of contacts that your team members have gathered during the event.  
4- Number of meetings that you confirmed. 
5- Number of contacts and their relative scores attributed to your team members
6- Calculated average scores attributed by your team members during the event. 

After the event:

How can I evaluate the my participation to the event? 
It is crucial that you reflect on your participation in the event. It will help you improve your performance in future editions. Where can you start? 
The following steps can guide through your analysis: 
1-Export your contact list: start the analysis using your initial keywords and scores to organize your list and determine when most contacts were made. Besides, you need to import your list into your CRM to evaluate your team’s performance.
2- Export your meetings: check the number of meetings made and those that were successful. Evaluate the number of busy slots in contrast to all available slots,…
3- Study carefully your company’s statistics
4- Request data about the sessions you sponsored such as: list of attendees of the sponsored session or webinar,…
Remember that it is not over yet! The application remains accessible an additional 2 months after the event. You can still explore more leads and opportunities. 


Useful information: 

 I didn’t get an email confirmation 
Your spam folder might be the first place to look. 
If not, make sure you used the right email address. Please contact us Info@thefoodeshow.com so we can also send you another link. 
Your server might have blocked our emails. 

When is the event available?
It needs to be live and you need to be part of the attendees’ list or use the event code.
How can I join the platform?
Once you register for the event, you will receive an email asking you to join the event platform. We then pre-create an account for you in preparation for the events. 
The confirmation email contains a link that redirects you to your pre-created account where you can edit your profile and then continue to the event home page.

Do I have to download the application to participate in the event? 
If you don’t want to download another app in your device, it doesn’t mean that you can’t network and engage in the different activities during the event. The user web app is the most convenient platform for you. 
You can participate in the event on our web app by using the platform that matched your expectations and needs to enjoy all the features. 

Can I still use my app when it is offline? 
Only a part of the app can be accessible offline such as the event homepage, the program, and the exhibitors’ list.
You can also scan a QR code offline, and save it until you have access to the internet later.

How do I access the web or mobile app? 
You can access the web App on smartphone and computer using this link: 
You can download the mobile app on iPhone and Android by using the following link: 
You can also scan this QR Code: 
You have to use a recent browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

How to change the settings of my account? 
First, you need to access the app and click on your profile. Second, you click on 
The upper right corner and choose “settings” to start making changes.  
You can manage your account in this tab:
1. Activate or deactivate the email notifications;
2. Add an email address 
3. Reset your password 
4. Delete your account 
Is the Foodeshow concerned about GDPR?
The new regulations were effective since May 25th, 2018 for all European Union State members. They apply to all companies without exceptions. 
How to conform to the GDPR?
We will collect and manage your data so you can access the event and all its digital platforms. Once your registration confirmed, an account is created with all the information you provided. For networking purposes, this account enables access to our platforms with attendees’ list. You can always access your data to amend or delete your information.
Is my data protected?
We highly value the security and confidentiality of our participants’ data. We do not sell or use your data for commercial ends. We also follow the GDPR rules and regulations. 


By adding all the following information to your profile, you increase your chances of getting confirmed meeting requests and finding important leads.

Add a profile photo. 
Click on “Add your picture”> select a good quality photo > crop the photo > click √ (top right of the screen). 
What can I include in the “skills” section? 
This section should include two important elements. The first element is your real skills such as “leadership” and “problem-solving”. The second element is keywords that can increase your visibility such as your industry and your department, among other things. You would then be easier to find and AI would put you on the top of the suggestions. 

Can I add my company’s name? 
Select "My Profile" tab > click in the company box > select your company in the search bar > click “Join” in the pop-up

Your company is successfully added!

link your social media accounts to my profile. 
Start on "My Profile" tab > click on your name > select Edit (next to social media box) > add usernames. 

You’re done!


What is the profile information that can be seen by participants?
Only exhibitors have access to its content. The content includes elements such as the list of attendees, the information regarding the attendees, the event’s program, and all the information imported on the platform. 

The public profile information that can be visualized by exhibitors include:
First name
- Surname
- Function
- Second function
- Company
- Biography
- Social Networks (if filled in)
Skills (if filled in)


All meeting slots are booked. What can I do?
The first thing you need to do is to check your meeting slots. 
You might have all slots booked because of confirmed meetings, or blocked due to pending requests. If the requests have been pending for some time, you might want to cancel them to free your schedule. 

Does the app send meeting notifications?
We would recommend downloading the Mobile application and activating the notification button. You can then schedule reminders of your bookmarked activities such as seminars and webinars. Besides, you can be instantly notified of meeting requests. 

Can I change the meeting date? 
No, you can’t reschedule pending or confirmed meetings. You need to cancel the meeting then you can send a new meeting request to the exhibitor choosing a new meeting slot. It is important that you check the availability first before canceling any meetings. We don’t want you to miss any opportunity! 

What does the “My visit” tab include?
My Visit is a feature that enables you to plan your event according to your availability. 
When you click on the star next to a session or an exhibitor, we bookmark you or save a seat for the sessions you want to attend. This personalized content is then available in the "My visit" tab. 
Each attendee can also visualize pending and confirmed meeting made during the event. He can also manage his schedule accordingly. 

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